The majority of our business and success comes from our diligent and in-depth investigations.  Our team is dedicated to improving our clients case outcomes through finding the evidence, information and witnesses needed to assist their counsel in their defense.

Pre-Trial Investigations (State and Federal Courts)

The most frequently used service we offer is the pre-trial investigation.  This is when someone is either charged, arrested or expected to be with a crime and are awaiting a trial to determine innocence or guilt.

  • Homicides and Violent Crimes
  • Narcotics Related Offenses
  • Driving and Criminal Traffic Cases
  • Fraud, Theft and Dishonesty Crimes
  • Child Abuse and neglect related charges
  • Sex Offenses

Violation of Probation Investigations

Violations of probation are unique.  They can arise from technical violations, willful violations or new law violations that turn into violations of probation.  The problem with violations of probation is the timing and standards are much different that in standard criminal cases.  Judges can force a violation of probation hearing for a new law violation to occur before the actual trial for the new law violation.

This means that our team must work quickly to assist you in uncovering the information needed to

Child Welfare Sheltering Investigations (Chapter 39 FL)

When child protective services or DCF conduct investigations and make allegations against someone fitness to be a parent or caregiver for a child then can place the child in protective custody or the custody of another family member.  They then force you to prove your fitness.  Our team can assist in defending you against those allegations.

Post Conviction Investigations (Appeals and .3850 assistance)

Once you have been convicted the appeals process or post conviction motions can be difficult, especially if you are incarcerated.  You need a team in the field to help your attorney gather the facts and evidence needed to successfully appeal your case or get your post conviction motions granted. We can help.